Oral Health Back

In the province of Ontario there is no universal dental health coverage to its residents. As a matter of fact, one in three Ontarians lack the ability to get any dental care insurance of any kind. One in five individuals do not visit a dentist because they know they can't afford it. As an example, individuals earning low wages or those unable to afford additional health benefits and are without dental insurance and can't afford to miss a single day of work to seek the help they need. Seniors that lose their dental coverage when they retire and live on a fixed income are also affected by the lack of a publicly funded dental program in the province of Ontario.

There are few programs that provide limited access to fill the gap that has been left out of Medicare but access to these programs is increasingly difficult because of long wait lists. The existing provincial programs provide only a limited range of dental services and omit groups that are vulnerable.

We at, Dr Seegobin Medical Clinic have begun to advocate for better access to oral health care for all Ontarians. We have searched for all available literature that describes the damaging effects of the lack of access to Oral Health help. We have found that dental issues lead to much larger problems. Things like a missing or damaged tooth are closely related to lack of self-confidence that could impact a person's social relationship and ability to find employment. Also, infected teeth or gum re not only extremely painful but can lead to poor nutrition, lack of sleep, or other serious health conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. We feel that it an important and costly problem that needs to be addresses.