Tuesday, Feb 20,2018
Medical Clinic

We at, Dr Seegobin Medical Clinic and walk-in clinic, provide primary health care, social programs and health promotion services that are emphasized on priority populations who face barriers accessing health care programs in Woodbridge and Georgetown. The problems that face the individual from being able to access health care may be a result of socio-economic status, geographic isolation, cultural or language barriers. We as a walk-in clinic, medical clinic, emergency clinic and doctor clinic provide prompt medical care for people who require emergency care and do not have a family doctor.

Medical clinics keep people out of emergency rooms because they serve the public on a whole. We find these medical clinics are effective because they promote equity in access health care services, strengthen the role of the individual and community in health and health care delivery. As well as encouraging partnerships among health care services, social care and other community services. We develop coordinated primary health care services which make an efficient use of health care providers and other health resources. Health clinics also promote health, prevent illnesses and enhance health statuses of the communities they serve.

Our walk in clinic and medical clinic is happy to offer many services. Due to the nature of a walk in clinic we do our best to estimate wait times. Our medical doctor and walk in doctor accepting new patients in Woodbridge and Georgetown doctor office.